Cost Less Lighting is committed to providing you with safe, quality products that meet your lighting needs. We are requesting all customers to stop the sale of and quarantine the following Cost Less Lighting Model 07-LEDFHB High Bay Fixtures:
  • 07-LEDFHB90
  • 07-LEDFHB105
  • 07-LEDFHB135
  • 07-LEDFHB178
  • 07-LEDFHB180
  • 07-LEDFHB215
  • 07-LEDFHB265
  • 07-LEDFHB320
  • 07-LEDFHB425
Under a confluence of circumstances, including years of use, heat, vibration, UV, on/off product cycling, and shipping impact, the plastic pin securing the LED boards to the LED heatsink can eventually degrade, allowing the LED board to come loose from the heatsink. If the fixture is equipped with a lens, the energized LED board can fall onto the lens and cause a fire hazard.

The issue has been reported to the CPSC and an appropriate repair program to replace the plastic pins in affected products with metal pins has been implemented. (see metal pin spec information here)

If you have received a Recall Letter or have the recalled fixtures installed in your facility, please follow the link below to register your site for the repair program:

Thank you for choosing Cost Less Lighting. We are fully dedicated to maintaining your trust in our products and services. We will continue to work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations. We look forward to resolving this matter promptly and effectively to your complete satisfaction.

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