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LED High Bay Lights

High Lumen High Bay
LED Full Body High Bays
LED Linear & Linear Adjustable High Bays
LED Round High Bays
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  • Linear Adjustable High bay- Sensor-Ready- Lumen and Kelvin Selectable
  • Full Body Linear High Bay- Sensor-Ready- Lumen and Kelvin Field Selectable
  • Linear High Bay – Lumen and CCT Selectable- Sensor Ready-Dimmable – 4K/5K Selectable – 120-277V
  • LED Round High Bay Lumen & Kelvin Field Selectable
  • LED High Lumen Linear High Bay – 78,000 Lumens – UL Listed – Dimmable – 4K/5K – 120-277V
  • LED Linear Adjustable High Bay – 15,000 up to 30,000 Lumens – UL Listed – Dimmable – 4K/5K – 120-277V

more About High Bays

High bay lighting fixtures are for high ceiling environments. They are specifically designed to brighten environments with tall ceilings, such as warehouses, factories, industrial settings, retail stores & workshops.

The most modern and energy-efficient high bay light is the LED, which is very bright, flicker-free, and uses only about half the energy of the already efficient fluorescent or HID high bay light. Therefore, LED high bay lights are an excellent choice for creating bright & safe environments.

Our LED High Bay Lights boast superior performance and ease of installation. Our fixtures come in various wattages from x to y, lumen outputs, and color temperatures so that you can customize your lighting fixture according to the needs of your commercial space. They also have impressive longevity – an estimated over 50,000 hours. As a result, our LED High Bay Lights are an excellent choice for businesses looking to upgrade their lighting fixtures and save on energy costs.

Quality should never be sacrificed for lower costs, so we only stock LED High Bay Lights from trusted suppliers who use premium materials and adhere to high safety standards.

If you have questions about how LED High Bays could work for your project, consider using our lighting tool to visualize your needs!

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