20 AMP Self-Testing GFCI – TAMPER & WEATHER RESISTANT – White – Wallplate Included

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20 AMP Self-Testing GFCI – TAMPER & WEATHER RESISTANT – White – Wallplate Included

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Model: 13-GFCI-ST-20TRWR-WH
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Self-Test GFCI Outlet with Indicator LED Light, Nylon wall plate and Screws Included, it offers ground fault protection in bathrooms, kitchens and any area of the home. It is designed to meet the latest UL standard. It can also prevent some fires, like when a live wire touches a metal conduit. Automatically tests the GFCI every time the reset button is pushed in, the GFCI will not reset if its circuit is not functioning properly. Indicator light, wall plate and screws are included. GFCIs should be tested monthly to ensure they are providing protection, press the test button, then reset button, if the indicator light turns red, it must be replaced. Cannot be reset if miss-wired. Back wire featured for easy installation. End of life function, automatic end of life detection and warn action.

•Terminals allow for easy wiring options, back and side wire capable
•External back wire clamps provide visual indication of proper wire seating
•Withstands high torque and resists wire pullout
•Standard brass self-grounding clip
•Accepted terminal wire size of 12 gauge to 14 gauge
•Operating temperature of -35o to 66o Celsius
•Operating Humidity of 30 to 95 percent
•Rated V-2 per UL 94 regarding flammability
•Trip threshold meets or exceeds UL requirements for tripping time
•Advanced electronics design provides superior resistance to electrical surges and over-voltages
•All GFCI units come with matching face plates.

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