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Emergency MicroPower Inverter – 32W – 32VA – 90 Min. Capacity

Model: 03-PINV-MICRO32


The MPS Series is designed to provide 20W to 55W of emergency power to incandescent, fluorescent, and/or LED fixtures. The MPS unit provides clean, sinusoidal AC output power allowing it to be remotely mounted up to 1,000 feet away from the controlled fixture(s). Unlike a ballast fluorescent emergency pack, the MPS provides power to the input side of the fixture,(including the ballast) eliminating any chance of incompatibility. MPS Series models are available for surface, recessed or ceiling T-Grid mounting if required. All MPS systems will provide emergency power output for a minimum of 90-minutes.

• MPS Series inverter systems are designed to provide sinusoidal AC emergency power to connected incandescent, fluorescent or LED fixtures of between 20 and 55 watts.
• Surface, recessed or ceiling T-Grid mount models are designed for easy installation either on or near controlled fixtures. MPS models support Normally-ON, Normally-OFF, switched operation or any combination thereof (see wiring diagram).
• Input Voltages: 120 or 277VAC ±10%
• Input Frequencies: 60Hz ±2%
• Input Protection: Provided by Service Panel, Rated 20A max.
• Output Voltages: 120 or 277VAC (60Hz)
• Efficiency Rating: 98% at full rated load (line)
• Waveform: Sinusoidal (digitally controlled, PWM design)
• Static Voltage: ±5% during battery discharge. 0-100% linear load.
• Output Frequencies: 60Hz. ±0.3Hz during emergency cycle
• Output Distortion: Less than 3% THD (linear load)
• Transfer Time: Less than 1.0 second
• Load Power Factor Range: 0.44 Lead to 0.44 Lag
• Minimum Loading: 0% of rated system capacity
• Output Protection: Inverter fuse
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