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Emergency MicroPower Inverter – 32W – 32VA – 90 Min. Capacity

Model: 03-MPS-32/32


The 03-MPS-32/32  is designed to provide up to 32W of emergency power to incandescent, fluorescent, and/or LED fixtures. The 03-MPS unit provides clean, sinusoidal AC output power allowing it to be remotely mounted up to 1,000 feet away from the controlled fixture(s). Unlike a ballast fluorescent emergency pack, the 03-MPS provides power to the input side of the fixture,(including the ballast) eliminating any chance of incompatibility. 03-MPS Series models are available for surface, recessed or ceiling T-Grid mounting if required. All 03-MPS systems will provide emergency power output for a minimum of 90-minutes.

• Powers incandescent, fluorescent, and LED fixtures.
• True sinusoidal AC pulse width modulated (PWM) design provides clean 60Hz. emergency output.
• Universal 120/277VAC, 60Hz. input/output.
• Unit capacity up to 32W.
• “Soft Start” design reduces fixture inrush current.
• Surface, recessed or T-Grid mount models.
• Lumen output from fixture is 100% of nominal.
• Unique design eliminates compatibility problems with LED drivers as well as fluorescent ballasts.
• Normally-ON and/or Normally-OFF load output.
• Provisions for local switching capability – Always- ON during emergency conditions regardless of local switch position.
• Temperature compensated, dual-mode charger includes low voltage disconnect feature to provide protection against battery deep discharge.
• Maintenance-free Lead-Calcium and premium grade Nickel-Cadmium battery models offered.
• Control panel with momentary test switch, AC-ON, Charge-ON and Inverter-ON LED indicators.
• Battery circuit fuse protected.
• Reverse battery and AC lockout protection.
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